Make great family memories and have fun on the course!  Majestic Oaks’ Family Golf Nights are designed to be a fun and inexpensive activity for the whole family where adults can bring the kids to the golf course in a fun, friendly, no pressure environment.   

Family Golf Nights feature the following guidelines:

  • Families must have at least one junior 12yr old or younger in the group to qualify. 
  • $10 per person includes golf/cart fees for everyone. The juniors playing also receive a candy bar and fountain soft drink. 
  • Cart drivers must be 18yrs or older. 
  • Everyone must play from the special Family Golf tees which are yellow at Majestic Oaks. 
  • Please note: Adults should not play from the regular tees and have the kids play from the special Family Golf tees because the program is designed to make the kids feel included.
  • The special Family Golf tees are set around 150 yards out on par 4 holes and 200 yards out on par 5 holes.  Play par 3 holes from the front of the forward tee boxes. 
  • Tee times are recommended.