Celebrate the holiday with family and friends while enjoying a traditional Thanksgiving meal at the Frontier Restaurant’s abundant Thanksgiving Feast Buffet. Reservations are highly recommended. Reservations can be made ONLINE or by calling 262.725.9155.

Seating will begin at 12:30pm, and final seating will be at 5:00pm. The restaurant will close after this seating.  


Baby Mixed Field Greens,
Dressings & Condiments

Array of Garden-Fresh Grilled Vegetables Drizzled Balsamic and Roasted Garlic Reduction

Wisconsin Cheese & Sausage
Assorted Crackers

Maple Roasted Korean Apple Pears, Cranberries, Thyme
Wisconsin Wild Rice, Honey Candied Pecan, Feta, Sweet Lemon Grass EVOO
Lemon Tea Steeped Sweet Potato-Sugar Beet, Arugula, Apple Cider Vinaigrette

Shrimp Ice Tower
Avery Island Boiled Chilled Gulf Shrimp,
Horse Radish Cocktail Sauce

Carved Roasted Tom Turkey
Wisconsin Cranberry Chutney

Honey Maple Glazed, Bone-In Ham
Maple Honey Jack Daniel’s Syrup

Herb EVOO West Coast Salmon Seared, Raspberry Mojito Chimichurri
Cherry Wheat Beer Braised Beef Chuck, Savory Poach Gnocchi Mushroom Truffle
Idaho Russet Potato, Garlic Mashed
Baby Tri-Color Carrots, Leinenkugel Berry Beer Braised

Pan Turkey Drippings, Giblets, Gravy
Bread, Sage, Thyme, Garlic Milk Stuffing
Danielson Sugar Bush Maple Syrup, Candied Walnuts, Sweet Potato, Marshmallow Bake
Mushroom Bechamel, Green Bean, Crispy Onion Gratin
Cheddar Cheese, Elbow Macaroni

Pumpkin Sweet Log, Bourbon Pecan Pie, French Silk Pie,
Sweet Potato, Miso, Oreo Cookie, Martini
Chocolate Ganache, Vanilla Crème Brulee
Mini Autumn Pastries

Chef Station
Fried Apples Sugar Cookies Pie & Ice-cream


Due to COVID-19 precautions, there will be no self-service. The buffet will be broken into stations and all food will be plated by appointed Frontier Restaurant staff. We will be seating at a reduced capacity, and tables will be set according to social distancing guidelines. We will do our best to accommodate large parties. Parties of 7 or more may be seated at multiple tables in order to follow proper social distancing guidelines. Guests are expected to wear face masks while not at their table.