Enjoy a romantic dinner in our legendary Frontier Restaurant.
Chef John Billings has created a very special menu.

The romantic Valentine’s Dinner will be available from Friday, February 12th through Sunday, February 14th, 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm.
Our regular dinner menu will not be available during this time.
Saturday night “All-you-can-eat” Prime Rib Special will be available on February 13th, 2021

Please call the Frontier Restaurant at 262-725-9155 or visit LakeLawnResort.com/Frontier to reserve your table. 


– Appetizer –

Braised Chuck Ravioli, maple, butter nut squash, puree, chili, lime, radish, mache

– Salad –

Plum Tomato Vase, buffalo mozzarella, filed greens, enoki mushrooms, frisee, blood orange,
leeks, shaved, smoked merlot, ginger, citrus, balsamic, glace

– Choice of Entree –

Filet Chop, Lobster Tail, macadamia, butter, garlic, leeks, sweet potato cottage fries,
grilled asparagus, butternut squash curls. $82

Wing Bone Chicken, sage, rose-hip, seared, apple cider, maple syrup, truffle oil, glace,
wild rice, speck, cake, grilled asparagus, butternut squash curls. $62

Great Lakes Salmon, smoked, salt, kosher, seared, maple, chili syrup, citrus, mesa mush,
grilled asparagus, butternut squash curls. $65

Duroc Pork Tenderloin, dry rub, cold smoke, seared, lemon, beer, bbq drizzle,
sweet potato cottage fries, grilled asparagus, butternut squash curls. $69

Roasted Vegetable Lasagna, roasted portabella mushroom, artichoke, zucchini, onions, red pepper,
kalamata olive, pinot noir plum tomato sauce, asiago chip. $54

– Dessert –

Brazilian Xango, cheesecake, flour tortilla, cinnamon sugar, rum chocolate pudding,
white chocolate mousse, dark chocolate curls, berries, brulee fork.


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