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 Valentine’s Sweetheart Dinner at 1878 on the lake

Feb 18 | 4:30 pm 10:00 pm

Come enjoy our newly remodeled 1878 on the Lake and have a romantic dinner for two. Chef Billings has prepared limited-time Valentine’s Day menu items.

Offered Feb. 12-18 during regular 1878 on the Lake Dinner Hours

In addition, our regular menu is available.

Reservations are highly recommended.



Gulf Red Fish, corn meal, pan seared, red corn tortilla fritts, mache, frisee, salad, red salsa vinaigrette, shitake risotto $40

Angus Filet, Maine Lobster, split shell, butter, salt, broiled, vichy carrots, grilled, ramps, garlic, russet, mash, ghee, thyme garlic clove drizzle $72

Chicken Roulade, bacon wrap, boursin, jalapeño, garlic slivers, vichy baby carrots, rutabaga, sweet potato maple mash, apple, brandy, jelly drizzle $36


Smoked Salted Chocolate Pate, bourbon mousse, carmel drizzle, chocolate twirl,  crème brulee spoon  $13