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Golf Map


Hole 9

Left of the ninth hole is a jail. Two trees and a bunker protect the left side. A good drive will leave you right center of the fairway. Use enough club to this elevated well guarded deep undulating green.


Hole 8

On hole eight, accuracy is the key to this tee shot. A long iron or fairway wood is recommended. A good shot will leave you a full wedge into a well guarded green. Make sure you’re on the correct tier of the two-tier green.


Hole 7

Seven is a long par five with a blind tee shot. Aim between the two trees that mark the edge of the fairway. Your second shot is important, if you are not going for the green, watch for the bunkers in the lay-up zone. This is a large wide, two tiered green surrounded by bunkers. A back right pin is difficult to hold, just go for the middle and try to make the putt.


Hole 6

The sixth hole is a short par four. Do not go right, there are trees which will block your approach shot. The green is deep but relatively flat giving you a good chance to score. Stay away from the two large bunkers on both sides of the green.


Hole 5

Hole five is the longest of the par threes. It is also a deep two tiered green, surrounded by mounds. These mounds can give you a good kick on the putting surface or put you in a difficult situation.


Hole 4

The fourth hole is short and tricky. This par four requires careful placement off the tee. Bunkers surround the landing zone so a good tee shot is beneficial. The green is nestled back in a group of trees and surrounded by bunkers.


Hole 3

The third hole is a difficult par 3. This green is not only large but deep. Being two tiered it is important to land the ball on the proper level. Also, look out for the water hazard on the right hand side and the bunker on the left. Beware, behind the green is a jail.


Hole 2

The second hole is a short par 4 which requires little length off the tee. However, a full shot is needed to hold the green. The green has a large ridge dividing the green into two separate sections. Make sure you do not leave your approach short. The large bunker in front can make for some big numbers.


Hole 1

One is a long par 4, all up hill, stay clear of the large tree on your right. This tree-lined fairway, needs an accurate tee shot. Use enough club to get onto the elevated green. The green is two tiered and is sloped from back to front. Be careful of the large bunker left of the green.


Hole 18

The 18th hole is a lengthy par four, dog leg right which requires a long and accurate tee shot. Stay clear of the trees on the right and bunkers on the left. A good tee shot will leave you with a middle iron to an elevated green surrounded by bunkers. Be sure to use enough club.


Hole 17

Seventeen is a par three, nestled among the Oak Trees. It needs an accurate tee shot. There are bunkers both right and left with trees behind the deep green. This is another good chance to score.


Hole 16

Sixteen is an uphill par four. It requires an accurate tee shot. Be careful of the fairway bunkers on left and mounds on the right. Take enough club for your approach shot to the elevated green. The front left portion of the green slopes away from you. The green has an island bunker on the right side.


Hole 15

The fifteen hole is a long, difficult par four. You need to be in the fairway for your approach shot. The green is guarded by a large bunker on the front left. The green is also deeper than it looks and is one of the flattest on the course.


Hole 14

Fourteen has a blind tee shot to a small landing zone. There is also a large island bunker that comes into play just off the fairway on the right side. The fence on the left is out of bounds. A good second shot will leave you with a short iron in. There are deep bunkers guarding the two tiered green.


Hole 13

Thirteen is a long demanding par three, guarded by deep bunkers both right and left. The only good place to be is on the green or short. Do not overclub. The green, which is deceivingly deep does have some challenging pin placements.


Hole 12

On hole twelve tee it up on the left-hand side. Aim right and swing away. A well placed 2nd shot will leave you with a short iron to the green. Make sure to get onto the correct side of the ridge which runs across the green.


Hole 11

Hole eleven is a down hill shot to a two tiered green and requires an accurate shot to the proper tier for a chance at a Birdie.


Hole 10

For hole ten, an accurate tee shot is required. A large fairway bunker protects the left side. If hit too far right, the trees willblock your shot to the green. The green slopes back to front.