Family Golf Nights at Majestic Oaks

Welcome to Family Golf Nights at Majestic Oaks, where fun knows no bounds and memories are made one swing at a time!

Picture this: a serene evening bathed in golden sunlight, the gentle rustle of trees, and the sound of laughter echoing across the lush greenery. That’s the ambiance awaiting you at Majestic Oaks, Lake Lawn Resort’s haven for family-friendly golf adventures.

At Majestic Oaks, we roll out the green carpet for families eager to bond over a game of golf. For just $14 per person, you and your loved ones can enjoy 9 holes of golf and unlimited fun! Take your time navigating our scenic course while imparting the nuances of this timeless game to the next generation. It’s not just golf; it’s an opportunity to create cherished memories together.

Clubhouse Delights
After a round of golf, swing by our clubhouse to enjoy a well-deserved treat. Each participant can enjoy a complimentary candy bar or bag of chips, paired perfectly with a refreshing fountain drink. It’s the ideal way to unwind and refuel after a thrilling golfing session.

Gear Up with Ease
No clubs? No problem! Our Pro Shop has got you covered with rental sets available for all ages. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or taking your first swing, we ensure everyone has access to the right equipment for an enjoyable experience.

Call 262.725.9200 for booking.

Family golf nights runs Sunday through Friday after 4:00pm throughout the 2024 season. A minimum of one golfer must be of Junior age (17 and under). All players use forward tees.
Must have valid Drivers License to drive Golf Carts