Indulge in Romance: Erath Oregon Winery and Duesterbeck’s Brewing Igloo Dinner at Lake Lawn Resort

Author: Beth Piccolo

February 13, 2024

Big red igloo at Lake Lawn Resort.

Celebrate love in the most enchanting way possible this Valentine’s Day at Lake Lawn Resort! We’re thrilled to present an exquisite dining experience in collaboration with Erath Oregon Winery and Duesterbeck’s Brewing Company. Set against the scenic backdrop of Delavan Lake, indulge in a four-course culinary journey perfectly paired with the finest wines from the West Coast and craft beers showcasing Midwest flavors. Join us on February 14th for an unforgettable evening of gastronomic delight and romance.

Event Details:

Date: February 14, 2024

Arrival: 5:30p

Dinner: 6:00p – 8:00p

Cost: $119 per person

Big igloo at Lake Lawn Resort.

First Course: Prosciutto e Melon with Aged Balsamic and Fresh Mint
Kickstart your evening with a tantalizing combination of flavors. Savor the delicate sweetness of ripe melon juxtaposed with the savory richness of prosciutto, all elevated by the tangy notes of aged balsamic and refreshing mint.


  • This delectable dish is expertly paired with the 2019 Oregon Pinot Gris from Erath Oregon Winery, accentuating its crisp acidity and fruity undertones.
  • Complementing this is the Crop Duester Cream Ale from Duesterbeck’s Brewing, offering a smooth and creamy finish.

Course 2: Confit Duck Crepe with Toasted Almond Cream Sauce, Smoked Marcona Almonds, and Petit Herb Salad
Indulge in luxury with our second course featuring a decadent confit duck crepe drizzled with toasted almond cream sauce. The richness of the duck is balanced by the nuttiness of smoked Marcona almonds, while the delicate herb salad adds a refreshing contrast.


  • Wine: Accompanying this culinary masterpiece is the 2021 Oregon Rose of Pinot Noir, enhancing the dish with its floral aroma and delicate fruit flavors.
  • Beer: The Pig Farmer Pale Ale from Duesterbeck’s Brewing promises to delight with its citrusy hops and smooth finish.

Course 3: Prime Garlic and Soy Crusted Strip Steak with Roasted Baby Beets, Beet and Pinot Noir Emulsion, Bruleed Goat Cheese, and Candied Pistachios
Prepare your palate for a symphony of flavors with our third course featuring a succulent garlic and soy crusted strip steak. Paired with roasted baby beets, bruleed goat cheese, and candied pistachios, each bite is a harmonious blend of savory and sweet.


  • Wine: The 2021 Resplendent Pinot Noir from Erath Oregon Winery perfectly complements the steak, with its bold cherry notes and velvety texture.
  • Beer: For beer lovers, the Rooster Beck Amber Ale from Duesterbeck’s Brewing offers a malty sweetness and caramel finish, enhancing the robust flavors of the dish.

Course 4: Chocolate and Hazelnut Napoleon with Hazelnut Cremeux and Chocolate Mousse
Indulge your sweet tooth with our final course—a decadent chocolate and hazelnut Napoleon layered with hazelnut cremeux and chocolate mousse. This divine dessert is a symphony of textures and flavors, guaranteed to leave you craving for more.


  • Wine: Accompanying this indulgence is the 2019 Reserve Collection Pinot Noir from Erath Oregon Winery, boasting rich dark fruit flavors and a velvety smooth finish.
  • Beer: For a perfect ending, sip on Nutty Bill’s Peanut Butter Porter from Duesterbeck’s Brewing, offering a delightful blend of nutty sweetness and creamy texture.
Duesterbeck's Brewing Company building. The building is red and looks like a barn.

About Duesterbeck’s Brewing Company:
Duesterbeck’s Brewing Company, located in Elkhorn, WI, is renowned for its commitment to crafting exceptional beers inspired by Midwest flavors. Their dedication to quality and innovation shines through in every sip, making them a beloved local favorite. Click here to learn more.

Erath Oregon Winery vineyard.

About Erath Oregon Winery:

Erath Oregon Winery showcases the best of West Coast flavors, crafting premium wines that capture the essence of Oregon’s terroir. With a focus on sustainable practices and meticulous attention to detail, Erath wines are celebrated for their purity and expression of place. Click here to learn more.

Experience the perfect blend of romance and culinary excellence this Valentine’s Day at Lake Lawn Resort. Treat your loved one to an unforgettable evening of fine dining, perfectly paired wines, and craft beers from two esteemed collaborators—Erath Oregon Winery and Duesterbeck’s Brewing Company. Reserve your table now for an enchanting journey of flavors and love.