Massage Therapy

Experience the Serenity of Calladora spa

Improve your mental well-being, reduce anxiety, and promote mental clarity with a massage. Our specialized and unique therapeutic experiences offer relaxation, reduced stress, and alleviates muscular tension. Our services offer a sacred space for self-care and rejuvenation, allowing you to disconnect from the outside world and reconnect with your inner self. 


50min / 80min / 110min 
To relax, restore and rejuvenate with the feeling of calm waters at sunset, that is the feeling this massage evokes. Swedish massage replicating the fluidity of water, designed to pull you into a state of balanced relaxation. This massage is perfect for anyone new to a massage experience. 


Bring the element of fire energy to your massage with hot stone massage. Warm oils, hot river rocks, and a combination of bodywork that produces deep organic relaxation. Further your journey with select essential oils that only enhance an already unique experience. 
*No static stones, our stones move like the river* 

CALLADORA deep tissue 

50min/80min / 110min 

This therapeutic deep tissue massage specifically targets your tension areas, releasing deep-seated muscle tension, stress, and soreness throughout your entire body.


50min / 80min 
Immerse yourself in soft warmed blankets, warming oils and a theraputic touch. Comfort for our mothers-to be, let us nurture you and ease the natural discomforts of pregnancy, and dedicate this time for just you. 
Minimum of 12-week gestation to receive this treatment. 


25 min 
Unwind and melt the stress of everyday life. We dedicate your session to the upper body focusing on your neck and shoulders, full back, and not forgetting arms and hands.

CBD Enhancement  


All the benefits of your favorite massage technique with the benefit of fast-acting relief from muscle pain and soreness with the use of our CBD massage cream.

    CBD Spot Treatment  

    Targeted soothing of a specific area of soreness.